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Ms. Lynda Henriksen is Raising Funds for Habitat Brant-Norfolk

Individual Rank : 1 out of 11
Team Rank : 1 out of 3

Their Goal: $ 500.00

$86 raised!

The Hippie Quipsters - We Walk Our Talk

Captain: Ms. Lynda Henriksen


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Ms. Lynda Henriksen

Get groovy with us by sharing your favourite dance tunes on our Spotify playlist and help us build with Habitat for Humanity Brant-Norfolk.  Join our Habithon 2020 team today and help us fundraise so we can help a family get into their new Habitat home as soon as possible. Any level of support is deeply appreciated. Woo hoo ~ let's do this! Raise some money and have some fun   Stay tuned for our Dance Party details! With every donation received, you’ll get the link to add to our playlist. Boogie On! 

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Stacey Funke donated $10

Derek Wempe donated $25

Anonymous donated $50

"Build ON! I may not qualify but I know someone else in our community does ~ and they deserve a safe and affordable home. Thank"

David Saraiva donated $1

"Good luck with your campaign!"